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Everyday in your local area hundreds of your new potential customers are searching for services that you provide. We created this online local directory so you could add your company to the best listing and help to promote your business to broader spectrum of customers !

Business Box is a free business listing in the UK that provide its services locally for every London boroughs. So whether you’re in Westminster, Ealing, Sutton or Hillingdon, you can be certain, that your company has a great chance to grow and prosper on the demanding and always growing London market







We provide only the most valuable informations from respectable resources. Thanks to that, we can save your and your clients’ time. More than that, we designed our website in a transparent and user-friendly way so the navigation on the Business Box directory takes no time and effort at all. Due to that, you can find everything in London, from services through products and tourists attractions to broader audiences for your business.

Our listing service allows you not only to find local London businesses but also gives you the easy access to the most essential company information, like contact details, including phone number and email, working hours webpage link and much more. Our listing can be easily updated, so you can share latest news or special deals exactly when they’re happening!


Our goals

Business Box’s goal is to create a directory of businesses in the UK that are ready to open themselves into a broader list of customers and promote their visibility to the local online community.

Thanks to our directory you can stand out and find new customers by sharing helpful information on the right place and time.
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Why local listing is a way to go for your business?

  • – You can get to new audiences and grow as a small business owner easier
  • – You can find local businesses that you’d been looking for
  • – You can promote a wide spectrum of products and services that you’re offering
  • – Keeping your business information updated is great for SEO
  • – It’s effective way of exposure for your business
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London is a city that’s filled with job opportunities, vibrant and never resting.That’s why it attracts so many people everyday. It’s divided into specific districts, like the city and Canary Wharf are identified with being the heart locations for financial and banking services or West End being home to many media agencies.

Because of the size of the market and it’s very important to reach the audiences that are looking for local list of services provided by companies in London. Why the old-fashioned “I don’t need this”,“I don’t need that”, “I have loyal customers that have been around for ages” and “I believe that the word-of-mouth is the best form of marketing” is not enough? 

We live in an age that the internet is the best source of knowledge. If your website doesn’t appear on the first page on the Google search, there’s a small chance that your business will be found, especially on such a big marketplace as London.


That’s why Business Box offers a free business directory to help your potential customers to find you and get in touch with you easier and faster. 

We made sure to create a listing in a way that’s easy to use and update, so you can change the most important information and add data instantly wherever you are and whenever you need to do so.

Thanks to our directory you will be able to climb your way up in the London market with a great number of new clients and grow your business as it becomes more visible on the searches of local London companies. 

Allow Business Box to help your company to reach more audiences and be quickly found by the ones that need it the most.